DJing at Soule Park Golf Course for the first time

Justin Stern

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DJing at Soule Park Golf Course for the first time

I was wow’d by the beauty of this place at all times of the day.  Theresa and Jeff celebrated their love with such a sweet and friendly family!

Soule Park Golf Course wedding dj Soule-Park-Golf-Course-wedding-dj-jas-productions-dj-2 Soule-Park-Golf-Course-wedding-dj-jas-productions-dj-3       Soule-Park-Golf-Course-wedding-dj-jas-productions-dj-5 Soule-Park-Golf-Course-wedding-dj-jas-productions-dj-6 Soule-Park-Golf-Course-wedding-dj-jas-productions-dj-7

"DJ JAS was the ultimate host and DJ for the greatest party of our lives... OUR WEDDING!"

-Alex Tavlian

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